Integron Chemical Integrator
Steam, Type 5 – Bag/200


Bag of 200

Integron Chemical Integrator – Steam Type 5

Integron® Chemical Indicators are designed for internal use in steam sterilization processes to ensure all the critical variables are reached (temperature, time, steam quality).

Control of Steam sterilization processes between 121 ºC and 135ºC.


Instructions of use

– Place an Integron® Emulator Indicator within each package, bag or tray that will be sterilized by Steam.

– In rigid containers place an emulator indicator in every corner, or at least two diagonally or opposite corners, to ensure that the steam has reached the most inaccessible areas.

– Finished the process, analyze the results. The indicator must change to the reference colour for considering that emulation conditions were reached.



  • Class 5 Integrator Indicator (according to ISO 11140-1).
  • One-side-laminated strips printed with indicator ink.
  • Size: 70 mm x 23 mm.
  • Initial colour: Yellow.  Final colour: Black.
  • 100 % Toxic Heavy Metal free
  • Bag/200




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