Autoship Program


Looking for ways to Save Time & Money?


We can help. 


The AdvanTech Autoship Program is a fully adjustable, no-fee, agreement

designed to orderly ship your regularly purchased products on a personalized schedule.

AutoShip customers receive volume discounts and/or sale pricing on every shipment.

Not only will you be saving time  you will be saving money and storage space as well! 


Save Time

….decrease ordering time with pre-set scheduled shipments

….always have what you need on hand.


Save Money

…take advantage of customized pricing specific to your office needs

…avoid product expiring from stocking extra quantities


Save Space

…only stock what you need

…avoid product expiring from stocking huge quantities

Customer Comments:

“We’ve used AutoShip for a few years now and love the time and money it saves us”



Customer Comments:

“Now I don’t have to remember to place an order or remember what I ordered last time”



Customer Comments:

“Love the flexibility of this program. We can add or subtract from our standard order if needed.”



Customer Comments:

“It’s nice not to have to find the space to put large shipments anymore”