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Labelex Label Dispenser Gun Sterilization Load I.D. Applicator with User Initials (MI)



Label Dispenser and One Roll of Labels


LabelEx Label Dispenser Gun Sterilization Load I.D. Applicator with User Initials 

Label Dispenser with Operator Initials is a Perfect System to Label, Organize and Track your Sterilized Packs.

As a result of certain provincial regulation changes, staff responsible for sterilization processing are now required to add their initials on each pack. AdvanTech’s Labelex Dispenser comes with provision to include Operator Initials printed directly onto label.

CLICK HERE for PIDAC’s  Reprocessing Guideline checklist (see page 12).

Fast, Easy & Economical.


The LabelEx label dispenser applicator is compact and easy to operate. Loading and dispensing is very user-friendly!

High Quality: 

Our LabelEx dispensers are sturdy and well-designed.  Italy manufactures all our label applicator products.

 Special Label Features: 

Most noteworthy, this label dispenser with operator initials has the ability to print the operator’s initials. Also, it prints the date, load, tray, and unit #.

Furthermore, the labels come in 3 different colors with an indicator strip. After sterilization completes, this indicator strip changes color.

Tip: We suggest using a different color label for each sterilizer.

Increases Efficiency:

With Labelex Label Dispenser Gun, you can easily print the date, unit, tray, and load number on each pack.  So, just one click is needed and the job is done! This  eliminates handwriting, reduces operator error, and makes tracking, identification, and compiling with Ministry of Health Regulations an easier task.

Unique Dual-Label Feature:

Easily and efficiently keep records with the unique Labelex dual-label system. First, apply the dual-label to the pack to be sterilized.  After sterilization, remove the top portion of the label from the pack. Finally, place it directly onto your patient’s record or your logbook. This hence saves you twice the time!

 Low Cost: 

Our Labelex Label refills last longer as they use high-quality adhesive making it stronger. Also, our Labelex Label refills are the lowest-cost refill labels in the market!

 2 Year Warranty:  

A full 2-year replacement warranty provides full support for the products purchased. So, we are here for you if you have any trouble with the LabelEx Dispenser Gun.



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