Crepe Sterilization Wrap


A Thicker, Softer Wrap.
Feels like Cloth!  

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Benefits of Biodegradable Crepe Sterilization Wrap:

  • Biodegradable – FULLY decomposes in only 10 weeks while SMS Wrap takes over 100 years to decompose!
  • Easy to Work With – thick, soft and stretchy and almost feels like cloth!
  • Strong and Tear Resistant – high quality material
  • Easy to Detect Compromised Packs with this eco-friendly sterilization wrap!  Holes or punctures show much clearer on crepe, compared to SMS wrap
  • Cost-Effective method of wrapping instruments
  • Minimizes the Carbon Impact on the environment (carbon compensated for CO2 emissions)
  • Renewable and Sustainable  AdvanCheck BioWrap is made of cellulose and leave no environmental impact. Suppliers of cellulose replace a tree for every one cut down
  • Compatible with Steam, EO Gas and Gamma Radiation sterilization processes.
  • 99% Bacteria Filtration
  • Certified & Compliant – ISO 11607-1 EN 686-2

Quick Biodegradability Process of Premium Crepe Wrap



benefits of biodegradable sterilization wrap over sms

Easily Detect Compromised Packs:

A wrapped tray/pack requires uncompromising packaging.  A pack wrapped with crepe paper that has been punctured can be easily detected. In contrast, in a SMS wrap is difficult (see pictures). A hole-pattern look makes it difficult to detect a pin hole in a SMS wrap.

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