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Aurelia CSR Sterilization Wrap


Aurelia CSR Sterilization Wrap


Aurelia CSR Sterilization Wrap is a top-grade solution designed to preserve the sterility of medical equipment and instruments during the sterilization process. This wrap offers exceptional barrier properties, ensuring that the items inside are protected and remain sterile.


Key Features:

1. Reliable Sterilization Protection: Aurelia CSR Sterilization Wrap creates a safe reliable barrier against bacteria and microorganisms, preventing penetration and ensuring the sterility of the enclosed equipment and instruments.

2. Durable Material: Made from sturdy and tear-resistant fabric, Aurelia sterilization wrap offers excellent strength and durability. Made to withstand the stresses of the sterilization process, retaining its form to keep contents safe.

3. Consistent Performance: Aurelia CSR Sterilization Wrap delivers consistent and dependable performance, ensuring that the sterilization process is effective. It can be used with different sterilization methods, including steam, ethylene oxide (EO), and hydrogen peroxide plasma.

5. Versatile Use: Aurelia CSR Sterilization Wrap is well suited for multiple healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, veterinary, podiatry, and dental offices. It is ideal for wrapping surgical instruments, trays, and other items that require sterilization.


W-AR1515-15"X15" (500/bx), W-AR2020-20"X20" (500/bx)

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