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Sterilization Pouches & Sterilization Tubing

AdvanTech carries a variety of Sterilization Pouches & Sterilization Tubing for convenient instrument sterilization, storage and protection.

For use in many medical fields such as clinics, dental offices, and tattoo shops.

Sterilization Pouches Autoclave Tools Storage

Uses for Sterilization Pouches & Sterilization Tubing

AdvanTech pouches and tubing are an excellent choice for the quick sterilization of instruments and equipment.

Sterilization Pouches offer many benefits including a self-sealing adhesive and chemical / steam indicators to let you know when your instruments are fully sterilized and ready for storage or reuse.

Sterilization Tubing, in addition to general sterilization use, (typically utilizing a heat sealer for the edges), can also be used as a protective barrier for cables of powered equipment such as dental handpieces, suction, tattoo gun power lines and more.

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