SteriCheck In-Office Biological Spore Testing Kit


SteriCheck In-Office Biological Spore Testing Kit


Run a biological spore test on your sterilizer in your office and have the results within 24 hours.

Included in Kit:

  • SteriCheck Digital Incubator with On-Board Crusher
  • Terregene 24 Hour Read Biologial Indicators Box/100
  • Terregene Class 4 Multi-Variable Chemical Indicators Bag/250
  • Class 4 Sterilizer Sterilization Pouch Box/250 (3.5 x 6)
  • SteriKing Heat Resistant FineTip Marker
  • SteriCheck Autoclave Logbook with photos and coupon codes

stericheck-sterilization-records-logbookclass-4-self-seal-sterilization-pouchesheat-resistant-steriking-marker-for-sterilization-packagingcclass 4 chemical indicator strips

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