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Self-Adhesive Indicator Tape – Steam

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Self-Adhesive Indicator Tape – Steam


  • Conditions: 121 ºC, 10 minutes; 134 ºC, 2 minutes.
  • Initial Colour: Yellow
  • Final Colour: Black, Dark Brown
  • Regulations: ISO 11140
  • Diameter: 18 mm x 50 m (3/4 inch x 164 ft)

Designed to monitor Steam sterilization processes, ensuring adequate exposure to the sterilizing agent during the sterilization process and allowing to distinguish between processed and unprocessed items.

The adhesive component of the tape allows the adhesion to different types of packaging and wraps, such as cloth, paper and plastic being easy to remove and leaving no residues. Innovative highly sensitive yellow ink turns to dark brown / black when the indicator is exposed to Steam.

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