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Premium Water Distiller 1 Gallon Stainless Steel

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Dental Purity 1 Gallon Premium Stainless Steel Water Distiller


PREVENT Biofilm build-up in your dental units

Biofilm build-up in your dental units is a serious patient safety issue that can be a legal risk and can affect patient confidence. The CDC encourages all dentists to take this issue seriously. By only using distilled water in your dental units you are taking an important step to prevent bacterial and biofilm contamination.

PROTECT your expensive dental equipment

Common contaminants in tap water such as hardness, minerals, and algae can interfere with your expensive dental equipment, shorten the lifespan and greatly increase cleaning and maintenance frequency. By using only pure, distilled water in your dental equipment, such as autoclaves, you can save thousands of dollars over the years.

Perhaps you’re already using distilled water. That’s good, but if you are using bottled water or a low-quality distiller you are most likely spending way too much money. After all, bottled water costs more than gasoline! Dental Purity brand appliances offer dentists the most cost effective solution for distilled water.

Forget about purchasing expensive bottled water!

This is the solution for all small to mid-sized offices or facilities requiring less than 3 gallons of water per day. It is easy-to-use – operates much like a coffee maker – and there is no installation required. Simply fill up the boiling tank with tap water, turn the appliance on, and it will produce approximately 3 liters of distilled water per cycle! The lifespan of this distiller is significantly longer than other manual distillers making it an excellent investment that will pay you back many times over. Dim: 13.75″(W) x 9.875″(D) x 15.75″(H)


  • Manual operation: operates much like a coffee maker
  • No Installation Required
  • 800 watts of power, plugs into any standard 120V outlet
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Holds approximately 3L
  • Stainless steel
  • Built-to-Last: 5 year limited warranty on all Stainless Steel Parts (the longest warranty in the industry!), 2 Year warrany on Electrical Components

Use mineral-free water (distilled water) to protect your patients and expensive equipment such as your sterilizer and instruments. Distilled water increases the life of the autoclave piping system.

  • Save money!   Store-bought distilled water costs average of $1.20 per gallon versus tap water.
  • Save your back!   No longer need to transport heavy gallons of distilled water!
  • Healthy for you and your staff – not just for your autoclave!  Distilled water is PURE water – all impurities are boiled off.
  • The distillers shown below eliminate the inconvenience and on-going expense of buying bottled distilled water. Their ease of operation makes them ideal for any medical, dental or laboratory application.



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