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LABELEX Refill Label Rolls Indicator Strip, Date, Tray, Unit & Load (SU / DU)


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Labelex Refill Labels –  Indicator Strip, Date, Tray, Unit & Load – SU / DU

The perfect system to organize and track your sterilized packs – choose from single-ply or dual-ply labels.  Strong label adhesive keeps label in place during and after sterilization, eliminating the need for relabeling.  Labels are easy to load and dispense.


  • Single-Ply or Dual-Ply Labels
  • Date Sterilized
  • Tray Number
  • Unit Number
  • Load Number
  • Sterilization Indicator Strip


Single-Ply Labels:

Apply the label to the package before or after sterilizing to track the date of sterilization and the load number. If your office has more than one sterilizer, use a different color label for each sterilizer.

Dual-Ply Labels:

Apply the label to the package to be sterilized.  After the pack is sterilized,  remove the label from the wrap or bag and place the label onto the patient’s record.



Label Style:

SINGLE-PLY (1000 Labels/Roll), DUAL-PLY (500 Labels/Roll)

Label Quantity

Box of 2 Rolls, Pack of 12 Rolls

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