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Chemdye SPLAT – Washing Indicator Ultrasonic Cleaners / Washer-Disinfectors


200 Indicators/ Bag

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Chemdye SPLAT – Washing Indicator

(for use with Ultrasonic Cleaners or Washer-Disinfectors)


Cleaning Performance test designed for routine monitoring of cleaning processes with automatic washing machines as well as ultrasonic cleaners.

Challenge Level: Very high
Initial Color: Fuchsia
Result: Elimination of fuchsia organic substance

Quantity:  200 strips per bag

The SPLAT washing indicator can be used in either an ultrasonic cleaner or a washer-disinfector.

Indicators should be used with the appropriate reusable holder (purchased separately)


Click Here to purchase an Ultrasonic Cleaner Reusable Holder

Click Here to purchase a Washer-Disinfectors Reusable Holder


Instructional Video – How to use the SPLAT Cleaning Monitor







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