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Reusable Holder For Chemdye SPLAT Indicator (Washer-Disinfector)

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Reusable Holder Chemdye SPLAT Indicator (Washer-Disinfector)

Stainless steel re-usable holder designed to hold Chemdye® SPLAT cleaning indicators and perform routine control of cleaning processes in washer-disinfector machines.


  • Chrome plating stainless steel re-usable holder with great resistance and durability.
  • Base: 32 mm wide, 72.5 mm long, pin at the back side.
  • Basket: 32 mm wide, 37 mm long, 0.5 mm thick.
  • Fix the holder on the tray to ensure a consistent location of the cleaning indicator during the washing cycle to mimic large load cleaning challenges.
  • The new design of CDWAH optimizes the control of the washer-disinfector’s ability to force water and detergent into and onto the test soil.


Shelf life: 500 cycles.
Healthcare, Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical & Dental industries





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