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Wireless Autoclave Datalogger for Midmark Sterilizers


Wireless Autoclave Datalogger for Midmark Sterilizers (M9/M11)


Comply easily and economically with new IPAC guidelines.   Add a digital datalogger to your Midmark / Ritter M9 or M11 sterilizer or replace the paper printer that you currently have.

Tired of replacing the paper rolls and ink cartridges?   Save time and make your life easier with a digital data logger.

Record and store all of your sterilization cycles safely and automatically onto a micro SD card.  You also have the option to wirelessly transfer the records to a Dropbox account.

The Autoclave Datalogger is quick to install, easy to use, and records all of the same information as a paper printer provides.  Date,  Sterilizer ID, Cycle Number, Time Stamp,  Sterilization Temperature, Sterilization Time, Drying Time, and Cycle Lenght.  A record of the PSI and Temperature is recorded every 30 seconds throughout the cycle.

Manufactured in the USA

Model Number:

SD-G1-ALTM19 (Model 019 – Generation 1), SD-G2-ALTM22 (Model 022 – Generation 2), SD-G3-ALTM42 (Model 042 – Generation 3)

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