Sterilizer Replacement Trays
Replacement Brand

Choose Make and Model Number of your Sterilizer to find your Correct Tray Set

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Are your Autoclave Instrument Trays or Racks Broken, Bent, Rusted or Missing?

Replacement Brand Trays Sets for Tuttnauer, Midmark/Ritter , Pelton & Crane and Sterident Sterilizers.

(OEM Brand Trays also available)

AdvanTech Sterilizers is your complete source of replacement autoclave racks and trays.

If you cannot locate a rack or tray for your sterilizer make or model, do not hesitate to contact us at:   1-800-701-0186.

Make & Model

Tuttnauer Valueklave (3 tray set), Tuttnauer 1730 (M, MK, E, EK) (3 tray set), Tuttnauer EZ9 (3 tray set), Tuttnauer 2340 (M, MK, E, EA, EKA) (3 tray set), Tuttnauer EZ10 (4 tray set), Tuttnauer 2540 (M, MK, E, EA, EKA (4 tray set), Midmark M7 (Ritter, Castle) (2 large & 1 small tray set), Midmark M9 Ultraclave (D, Ritter) (2 large & 2 small tray set), Midmark M11 Ultraclave (D, Ritter) (2 large & 2 small tray set)

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