Sterilization Wrap – DIY SURGICAL Mask with Ties – No Sew. No Staples. No Rubberbands.


Package Consists of:

20 Sheets of AdvanCheck SMS Sterilization
Wrap (20in x 20in)
20 Sheets of AdvanCheck Premium Sterilization
Wrap  (12in x 12 in)

Makes 40 adult-sized masks with added filter per package

1 Package for $25.00   2 Packages for $45.00

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CLICK HERE to view the instructional video.

AdvanCheck SMS Sterilization wrap is comparable to Halyard H100 Single Sheet Wrap.

During the COVID outbreak many are using sterilization wrap to make face masks for their own use and for the community.  This package of 20 sheets of  20 x 20 AdvanCheck SMS sterilization paper and 20 sheets of 12in x 12in AdvanCheck CREPE Sterilization paper (used as an added filter)  will make 40 adult-sized masks.

The link to the video shows how to make a quick and easy mask using a heatsealer.  If you do not have a heatsealer (sometimes called an impulse sealer) you can get the same results with a sewing matching.

Protect your yourself and support your local community by providing much needed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to many in need during this current global pandemic.

Note:  Sterilization wrap’s intended use is to wrap surgical instruments for the sterilization and storage process.  AdvanTech Sterilizers takes no responsibility for other uses od this product.  Although sterilization wrap has many of the same properties as a medical grade face mask, it has not been officially tested and has not been certified for use as a face mask.

Suitable for Sterilization Method

  • Steam
  • EO
  • Plasma

AdvanCheck SMS Wrap is the best in class suitable for small and medium-size trays, light packs, instrument kits.  Manufactured by a world leading production facility for hospitals and clinics.

  • Strong, fluid-resistant, breathable and provides durable protection.
  • 100% synthetic fibers made of polypropylene.
  • High quality and consistent (SMS) Spunbond / Meltblown / Spunbond Wrap.
  • Spunbond network consists of long, strong and thick polypropylene filaments.
  • Meltblown layers are made of short and thin polypropylene microfibers.
  • Airborne Ingression
  • Waterborne Ingression
  • 99.9% Barrier Protection

Sterilization wraps must prevent microorganisms’ ingression inside the package. To reach this performance, different types of testing have to be performed on the products to reproduce both kind of ingression vehicles possible:  For instance, according to the TNO final pack test method, validating the materials & the folding technique, AdvanCheck SMS exhibits a BARRIER PROTECTION of  99,99%

Products range is classified as a Class I Medical Device according to the European Medical Device
Directive (MDD). Its CE marking illustrates the relevant compliance.
AdvanCheck SMS products conform with the standards below:

EN ISO 11607-1:2017
EN 868-2:2017


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