SaniQuest GF500 Portable Sanitation System

Ships up to 6 units per Pallet
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GF500 Portable Sanitation System


  • Portable handwash and sanitation workstation for emergency and medical facilities
  • Heavy stainless steel construction with locking swivel casters
  • 5 gallon stainless fresh water supply tank. Easy to fill and clean
  • Gravity water system, no electrical supply required
  • 5 gallon gray water recovery, easy disposal
  • Comes with dispensers for soap, hand sanitizer, paper towel and garbage bag
  • Heated tank for warm water washing
  • Water supply auto-fill system
  • Countertop waste disposal with garbage basket in cabinet


GF500 Basic Sanitation System

-Basic unit includes cold water tank; paper towel, garbage and soap/sanitizer bottle holders

GF500W Warm Water Sanitation System

-Basic system plus: Heated tank for warm water washing and water supply auto-fill system

GF500P Premium Sanitation System

-Warm water system plus: Touchless faucet, touchless bulk soap and hand sanitizer dispensers

SaniQuest Available Features

The GF500 portable handwash and sanitation system is the perfect solution for your emergency or medical facility. It’s heavy stainless steel construction and locking swivel casters make it both
durable and secure in the most demanding of work environments. The GF500 does not require electricity or a designated water source. The 5 gallon gravity based water system is portable which allows it to be easily refilled and placed in the most challenging of locations.


Available in US and Canada


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