Masteri Class B Automatic Sterilizer
23 Liter



Master in Sterilization

21 Minute Cycle
25 Month Warranty

Designed, prototyped and clinically tested for years prior to its market launch. Being one of the crucial pieces of equipment, this unit has been engineered and worked carefully to ensure that the Masteri will withstand the toughest environments. Masteri is a Class B automatic-cycle autoclave and is available in 18 and 23 litre chamber sizes. It incorporates both Pre-Vac (removing air for optimal steam penetration) and Post-Vac (removing air for ultra-fast drying). It’s not only meets, but exceeds the requirements on “Class B+N” autoclave standard.


Masteri delivers industry leading sterilized instruments in approximately 21 minutes.

MASTERI Capacitance Control

Capacitive sensing control is a technology which based on capacitive coupling that can detect and measure anything that is conductive or hasa dielectric different from air. MASTERI is the first autoclave equipped with capacitive sensing control that offer several advantages.

  • Seamless: eliminates cracks hibernating any foreign substances
  • Convenience: activates the buttons even with gloves on
  • Durable: eliminates liquid or moisture damage to the buttons

Pull-type Drain Connection

Users can start and stop water drainage tasks by pulling or pushing the drain tube lightly, making the operation incredibly simple.

Safe Lock

Hook Type Door Lock: the mechanical primary door-lock and safety mechanism.

  • Micro-switch Door Locking System: a secondary door locking and safety system, insuring the cycle will not start while the door is not securely closed.
  • Electronic Door Lock: locks the door pivot while the cycle runs. A tertiary protection and safety measure for insuring the door is locked.


The built-in data logger saves time and money storing your data on a USB stick and has the option of an internal printer. The device is equipped with standard USB 2.0 interface. Data will be automatically recorded to the USB drive after each cycle.


This Class B autoclave meets and exceeds the latest regulatory requirements so you can focus on your practice.


The built-in data logger saves time and money storing your data on a USB stick and has the option of an internal printer.


Sterilization options are easily accessible with the intuitive touch display to enhance user’s experience.

Made in Canada

Manufactured in Canada

Key Specifications

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