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Enbio Periodic Maintenance Service Kit





Periodic Maintenance and Vacuum Service Kit Includes: 

  • Gasket Enbio S
  • 4x Screw BN9524 M3x5
  • 2x Valve CEME Pv782
  • Venair Tube 10mm x 5mm
  • Enbio S Tray
  • Pneumatic push in Fitting M5
  • Hepa Filter
  • Class B Sterilizer Sticker
  • Warranty Seal
  • Bag with adhesive tape 40 x 50 PP BOT 30
  • Self seal bag 70×100
  • Check valve EPDM black
  • Check_valve_ULVAC_pump
  • Membrane vulcollan
  • Membrane_holder_ULVAC_vulcolan
  • Screw_M3 to check valve vacuum pump

NOTE:  The above parts should be replaced about every 1000 cycles.   If your unit is still under warranty, this service must be performed by an authorized service technician; otherwise, the warranty will be voided.  If your unit is outside the warranty period, it is still highly recommended that an authorized Enbio service technician perform this service.  Please call 800.701-0186 to arrange for your service.  Loaners are available if needed.



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